is a curious designer interested in spaces of leisure and recreation. Her work draws from her experiences in interior design and an interest in architecture as a bridge between the immediate scale of the body and the surrounding urban environment. She also enjoys
experimenting with textiles
tending to her tiny balcony garden

is currently

in her third year of the Master of Architecture program at the Daniels Faculty, University of Toronto while working as an Assistant Urban Designer at the City of Brampton.

was previously 

based in Toronto, working with MSDS Studio. (2016-2018) 
based in Toronto, working at Yabu Pushelberg. (2015-2016)
based in London, working at Universal Design Studio. (2014)
based in London, interning with Philippe Malouin/Post-Office. (2013)
exhibiting at the Matthew Architecture Gallery, as part of new architectures:world heritage[0728]. (2013)
having a go at
at the University of Edinburgh, MA(Hons) Architectural Design. (2008-2012)

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